Conferences and talks


Date Place
21 Sept. 2021 Summer series on string phenomenology slides
19 Oct. 2020 Pennsylvania, USA slides
16 June 2020 Summer series on string phenomenology slides
10 Dec. 2019 Pennsylvania, USA slides
10 Oct. 2018 Brussels, Belgium slides
3 July 2014 Aachen, Germany slides


Date Conference
July 2021 String Pheno 2021
June 2021 Strings 2021
June 2021 String Math 2021
Dec. 2020 String data 2020 presentation
June. 2020 String Pheno 2020
Sept. 2019 geometry and strings (Oxford, UK) poster
Aug. 2019 gap singular meeting and school (Lambrecht, Germany) presentation
July 2019 Strings (Brussels, Belgium)
Aug 2018 CAP Days 2018 (Siegen, Germany) presentation
March 2018 string_data 2018 (Munich, Germany)
July 2017 String Pheno 2017 (Virginia, USA) presentation
Dez. 2015 String Math (Sanya, China)
Sept. 2015 Third GAP Days (Trondheim, Norway)
March 2015 Second GAP Days (Aachen, Germany)
Feb. 2015 Physics and Geometry of F-theory (Munich, Germany)
Dez. 2014 Homological Pertubation Theory (Galway, Ireland)
Aug. 2014 GAP Days (Aachen, Germany) presentation
Feb. 2014 Geometry and Phsics of String Compactifications (Heidelberg, Germany)


Date Conference
Mai 2018 Kontaktseminar of Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes - focus on banking and consulting (Bonn, Germany)
Mai 2018 Physiker im Beruf of deutsche physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) (Bad Honnef, Germany)