You can find all my physics publications on inspire. A complete list of publications is available on the arXiv. Publications include:

7 Martin Bies, Mirjam Cvetič, Ron Donagi, Muyang Liu, Marielle Ong Root Bundles and Towards Exact Matter Spectra of F-theory MSSMs
6 Martin Bies, Mirjam Cvetič, Ron Donagi, Ling Lin, Muyang Liu, Fabian Rühle Machine Learning and Algebraic Approaches towards Complete Matter Spectra in 4d F-theory
5 Martin Bies, Sebastian Posur Tensor products of finitely presented functors
4 Martin Bies, Cohomologies of coherent sheaves and massless spectra in F-theory
3 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer and Timo Weigand, Algebraic Cycles and Local Anomalies in F-theory
2 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer and Timo Weigand, Gauge Backgrounds and Zero-Mode Counting in F-theory
1 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer, Christian Pehle and Timo Weigand, Chow groups, Deligne cohomology and massless matter in F-theory


You can find the latest updates on my software at my github-page. Among others, I am author and maintainer of the ToricVarieties_project, which includes (but is not limited to) the following packages:

Other packages to which I contributed include:

For historic reasons, let me also list the first implementation of f.p. graded modules as FreydCategories. By now these packages are deprecated and their functionality is provided by the above packages FreydCategoriesForCAP: