You can find all my physics publications on inspire. A complete list of publications is available on the arXiv. Publications include:

6 Martin Bies, Mirjam Cvetič, Ron Donagi, Ling Lin, Muyang Liu, Fabian Rühle Machine Learning and Algebraic Approaches towards Complete Matter Spectra in 4d F-theory
5 Martin Bies, Sebastian Posur Tensor products of finitely presented functors
4 Martin Bies, Cohomologies of coherent sheaves and massless spectra in F-theory
3 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer and Timo Weigand, Algebraic Cycles and Local Anomalies in F-theory
2 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer and Timo Weigand, Gauge Backgrounds and Zero-Mode Counting in F-theory
1 Martin Bies, Christoph Mayrhofer, Christian Pehle and Timo Weigand, Chow groups, Deligne cohomology and massless matter in F-theory


You can find the latest updates on my software at my github-page. Among others, I am author and maintainer of the following CAP- and gap-packages: